En katkan Centre Veterinari ofrecemos todo tipo de servicios para adptarnos a las necesidades de los animales.

Illness puppy with intravenous anything on the operating table in a veterinary clinic

Medicina interna

dog and hands of veterinarian preparing syringe for injection

Medicina preventiva

The small kitten recovers after an anesthesia on hands at the veterinarian


The cat is examined by the veterinarian. Vet lights up with the slit lamp in the eye of the  cute pet.


Chihuahua dog with Demodicosis, allergy dog skin


heavy fat pug puppy dog sitting down on vet scale with overweight LED sign, isolated on white background


picture of a woman who works with an Australian Cattledog in an animal physiotherapy office

Fisioterapia y Rehabilitación

The surgery in the veterinary clinic. The team of two veterinary doctors, the man, surgeon, and the woman, nurse, do the surgery of the cat in the operational room.

Cirugía general

Woman working in a laboratory. He writes with a felt pen. Selective focus

Análisis clínicos

Side view radiograph of a dog pregnant with multiple puppies


The abdomen of an Maltese dog, who was examined by an ultrasound. Veterinarian doing ultrasound and analyze healthy of animal. Watching puppies in dogs with ultrasound.


chihuahua dog as a medical veterinary doctor with stethoscope and first aid kit and a sick ill dog ,isolated on white background

Curas de bienestar

healthy hungry chihuahua dog with bowl and scale , isolated on white background